Pursuant to the provisions of Section 23 of the Law on Personal Data Protection ("Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia", no. 87/2018, hereinafter referred to as: "Law") and in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679, hereinafter referred to as ("GDPR"), the Operator ECCENTRIX doo Beograd-Novi Beograd, Reg. No.20942355, VAT 108157430, represented by Irena Gigovic, Director (hereinafter referred to as "Operator"), issues the following:


The purpose of this Notice is for the Operator to ensure the exercise and protection of the privacy rights of the Person, as well as informing them of their rights regarding the processing of personal data.

Personal data being processed
First name, last name, e-mail, telephone number

Purpose of the intended data processing and the legal basis for the data processing
The purpose of the processing is to: delivering advertisements relating to the Operator's business activities.
Legal basis for processing is: consent of the person

Data Processor
The personal data will be processed by the company
ECCENTRIX doo Beograd-Novi Beograd,
Reg. No.20942355,
TIN 108157430,
represented by Irena Gigovic, Director

Transferring personal data to another country or international organization
Data could be transferred from the Republic of Serbia.

Recipients of records
Data retention period and criteria for its determination

The data shall be kept for at least 12 months.

Rights of persons whose personal data are processed
The person has the right of access, the right to rectify, amend, delete, limit and transfer the data, as well as the right to object and automatically make individual decisions.
A person has the right to revoke consent at any time, whereby revocation of consent does not affect the admissibility of processing prior to revocation.
In the case of revocation of consent, the Operator will not process the data of the Revoked Person, unless the Operator has the legal authority to process.
The above person’s requests shall be submitted by e-mail to the e-mail address
The operator shall respond to each request as soon as possible and in any event not later than 30 days after receipt of the request in accordance with Article 21 of the Law and Article 12 of the GDPR.

A person may file a complaint regarding the processing of their personal data before the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection.

Technical and organizational measures to protect personal data
The operator has implemented technical and organizational safeguards to protect the integrity and integrity of personal data, protect data from unauthorized access, malicious practices, loss or disclosure of data to unauthorized third parties.

By agreeing to use our services, the Person is aware and agrees that his or her personal data specified in this Notice are processed by the Operator and the Processor, according to this notice and that the said data can be accessed by employed and engaged persons at the Operator and the Processor. Persons who access personal data are obliged to keep the data confidential and in a secure manner, and they are required to use personal data only for the purposes mentioned above.