SharePoint Online Management and Administration (MS55370)

This four-day course introduces the audience to SharePoint Online Administration. The course is appropriate for existing SharePoint on-premises administrators and those new to SharePoint administration.

Although this course and the associated labs are written for Office 365 with Windows 11, the skills taught will also be backwards compatible with Windows 10. This course is based on the features available in the Office 365 E3 license as these are the core features in Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plans.

A preferential rate (-15%) applies to the regular cost for non-profit organizations, as well as the government sector. In addition, you can benefit from additional advantages through a corporate agreement when you need to train several people or teams in your company. Contact us for details.

Public class

Virtual classroom
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February 20 2023
1600 €
1600 €
4 days / 28 hours

Private class

Virtual classroom
Minimum no. of participants: 5
4 days / 28 hours
Price on request
English or Serbian
Training plan: 

Module 1: Introduction to Office 365 and SharePoint Online

  • Create an Office 365 Tenant for Personal Skills Development
  • Overview of Office 365
  • Overview of SharePoint Online
  • Accessing Administration Portals in Office 365
  • Managing SharePoint Online with PowerShell
  • Lab 1: Provisioning Office 365
  • Configure an Office 365 Developer Tenant
  • Configure PowerShell for Office 365 and SharePoint Online
  • Create Test Users
  • Create SharePoint Site

Module 2: Configuring SharePoint Policies Settings

  • External Access in Office 365
  • SharePoint Access Controls
  • SharePoint Settings
  • OneDrive Settings
  • Lab 1: Configuring External Access for Office 365
  • Configure Azure AD External Access Settings
  • Configure Microsoft 365 External Access Settings
  • Configure SharePoint Sharing Policies
  • Lab 2: Configuring SharePoint and OneDrive Settings
  • Configure SharePoint Settings
  • Configure OneDrive Settings

Module 3: Working with Site Collections

  • Creating Site Collections
  • Using with Site Templates
  • Define Site Collection Administrators and Site Owners
  • Configure External Sharing Settings at Site Collection Level
  • Delete and Restore Site Collections
  • Working with Hub Sites
  • Managing Site Collections with PowerShell
  • Lab 1: Creating and Managing Site Collections
  • Create Site Collections
  • Configure Site Collections
  • Delete and Restore Site Collections
  • Lab 2: Working with Hub Sites
  • Declare a Hub Site
  • Associate with a Hub Site
  • Delete a Hub Site

Module 4: Working with Sites

  • Apps, Lists and Libraries
  • Pages and News
  • Site Permissions
  • Navigation
  • Lab 1: Customize a Team Site
  • Create and Customise Apps
  • Working with Pages
  • Manage Site Navigation
  • Manage Site Permissions
  • Lab 2: Customize a Communication Site
  • Create and Customise Apps
  • Working with Pages
  • Manage Site Navigation
  • Manage Site Permissions

Module 5: SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

  • What is Microsoft Teams
  • How Microsoft Teams integrates with SharePoint Online
  • Permissions with Microsoft Teams
  • Private and Shared Channels
  • Lab 1: Planning and Managing SharePoint for Microsoft Teams
  • Navigate between Teams and SharePoint
  • Managing SharePoint Site Permissions in a Teams site
  • Managing Teams Site Collections

Module 6: Viva Connections

  • Home Site
  • Global Navigation
  • Viva Connections Dashboard
  • Adaptive Cards
  • Deploy the Viva Connections App
  • Lab 1: Deploying Viva Connections
  • Configure Viva Connections
  • Customise the Home Site
  • Deploy Viva Connections App

Module 7: User Profiles

  • User Profiles in SharePoint Online
  • Using Delve to customise a profile
  • Lab 1: Managing User Profiles
  • Customise User Profile Fields
  • Update a Profile using Delve

Module 8: Managed Metadata and Content Types

  • Site Columns
  • Using the Term Store
  • Managed Metadata Columns
  • Site Content Types and Tenant Content Types
  • Content Types for Lists
  • Content Types for Libraries
  • Lab 1: Using Managed Metadata and Content Types
  • Create Site Columns
  • Customise Taxonomy in the Term Store
  • Create and Use Managed Metadata Columns
  • Create and Deploy Content Types

Module 9: Microsoft Search

  • What is Microsoft Search
  • Configure Integrations
  • Configure Answers
  • Review Insights and Usage Statistics
  • Lab 1: Working with Microsoft Search
  • Configure Integrations
  • Create Custom Answers
  • Review Usage Statistics

Module 10: Viva Topics

  • What is Viva Topics
  • Configure Viva Topics
  • Manage Topics and Topic Pages
  • Integrate with Managed Metadata
  • Lab 1: Working with Viva Topics
  • Deploy Viva Topics
  • Manage Topics Pages
  • Create Topics from Managed Metadata

Module 11: Security and Compliance in Office 365

  • Overview of Security and Compliance Features in Office 365
  • Extending Security and compliance Features with Additional Licences
  • Using the Microsoft Defender Portal and Secure Score
  • Using the Office 365 Compliance Portal and Compliance Score
  • Plan and Configure Retention Labels and Policies
  • Plan and Configure Data Loss Prevention Policies
  • Create and Assign Sensitivity Labels
  • Configure Safe Attachments and Safe Links Policies
  • Plan and Configure Multi Factor Authentication
  • Lab 1: Configure Security and Compliance in Office 365
  • Review Secure Score
  • Configure Threat Protection
  • Configure Sensitivity Labels
  • Configure Retention for Microsoft Teams
  • Configure Multi Factor Authentication

Module 12: Troubleshooting SharePoint Online

  • Monitor Office 365 Service Health
  • Troubleshoot Office 365 Connectivity and Service Issues
  • Troubleshooting SharePoint Online
  • Reporting and Monitoring SharePoint Online Usage
  • Lab 1: Troubleshoot SharePoint Online
  • Troubleshoot SharePoint Online
  • One year access to the class recording
  • 180 days access to the lab environment after class
  • Course material accessible in electronic format
  • A overview and general knowledge of Office 365 and SharePoint is beneficial prior to attending this course.

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